Sessions - Lessons


Why Choose Quackers

We offer swimming lessons from age three months to pre-club level so don’t hesitate in booking a place. Our class sizes are smaller meaning the children get a more focused lesson, and the non- swimmer classes have the teachers in the water.

Children with Special Needs

We will always try to incorporate children with special needs into mainstream lessons. If this this is not possible, we run 1 to 1 lessons with a teacher in the water, which gives extra confidence to the swimmer.


Adult and Child

These classes are designed to initiate and give confidence to both the parent and child in a pool environment. Water confidence is built up with the use of toys and songs during the lessons. These lessons are also ideal for babies from three months to three years. Lessons run throughout the week.

Pre-School Ducklings & Beginners

These lessons are for children from three years upwards and structured so that the child learns the basics of swimming. There is a maximum of eight in a group with a teacher and an assistant in the water. Many children are swimming before they go to full time school. Parents do not need to go in the water with their children. The benefits of these lessons are not only confidence in the water, but also in group situations and enhanced social skills. Lessons run through out the week and at certain times at the weekend.


Lessons to build on the skills and strokes gained in the beginner levels. Strokes are enhanced technically; stamina builds up as technique improves. These swimmers will improve their swimming from 15 to 200 metres again with increasing technical ability. By building on technical ability over a short distance longer distances are easily achievable.


The advanced groups will work longer distances with harder practises to increase strength, stamina and technique. They will build up stamina from 200 metres to a mile of good swimming in four strokes. Personal Survival Skills will also be taught to increase the knowledge about the dangers of open water. These skills can then be transferred to club swimming or other water sports such as water polo, sailing, rowing and canoeing.


Children learn the basics of lifesaving within Rookies. There a 3 awards to be gained within the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Children will become confident in water safety knowledge and lifesaving skills and continue to get good fitness with swimming. A fun session that is great for children not wanting to continue with simply swimming and also learn new skills.


Turn your feet into fins in our mermaid/shark lessons with a fully qualified instructor. Our lessons start with a swim test to ensure that all swimmers are competent and safe to take part. For this session you must be able to confidently swim 50 meters of all 3 strokes and to a good standard. We then show you how to change your feet to fins with the Fin2fit monofn and finally add the tail sleeve. When completed, you can pose for a mermaid/shark photo shoot.


Our Adult lessons are suitable for all abilities, from the adult that is looking for stroke improvement to the adult that has a fear of water. The lessons are run in a very relaxed manner and cater for your individual needs. We also run a swim fit session which is for adults that are wanting to swim for fitness, maybe training for a triathlon.